Case Study June 3, 2020


FAW Trucks required a website refresh that encompassed the brand dynamic and visually represented FAW Trucks in the industry. With a clean and visually focused approach, emphasis was given through out the sitemap to showcase FAW Trucks and the various market segments they cater for.


Website design a development for FAW Trucks that centers around the brand market segment and visuals. Additional integration into CRM platform ensures data is captured effectively and allocated with in departments.

⬤ 01. Solutions

Effective UI/UX that
promotes engagement

The FAW Trucks website was designed with the user experience in mind, ensuring easy navigation and increased engagement. We focused on creating a visually simple interface that allowed users to find the information they needed quickly and efficiently. The user flow was optimized, with key aspects centered around information and engagement. This approach resulted in a website that was both intuitive and easy to use, while also providing an engaging experience for visitors.

⬤ 02. Integration

Effective integrations

In addition to improving the user experience, we integrated user engagement with FAW Trucks’ internal CRM processes. This ensured that all inquiries were captured in an effective structure for follow-up and metrics. By aligning user engagement with internal processes, FAW Trucks was able to streamline its customer support and sales processes, resulting in increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. The user experience was designed with a clear understanding of the customer journey, which allowed FAW Trucks to capture valuable customer data and use it to improve its overall customer experience.

⬤ 03. Experience


Ensuring mobile responsiveness, we adopted a mobile-first approach to website development. We began by analyzing user behavior on different devices and identified key areas for improvement. Our team then designed a responsive layout that could adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions, while ensuring that the website’s visual appeal remained intact.


Also ensuring that the website’s interactivity and functionality remained seamless across all devices. Testing on various devices, ensured that all features and functionalities, such as truck catalogs and interactive forms, worked seamlessly. The result was a mobile-responsive website that provided a consistent and user-friendly experience across all devices, while also enhancing the brand’s online presence and customer engagement.

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